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This conference will explore California’s massive commitment to the greening of its electricity sector

The policy is set. California will be fully reliant on renewable energy – solar, wind and hydro for half of its electric power – by 2030. The state’s utilities must buy 1,325,000 megawatts of storage by 2020 – the first state energy storage mandate in the United States.

Hear first hand about the policy and technological challenges ahead and the economic impact on the state of California

The "California energy lab" will rival the California Gold Rush of a century ago in its impact on the state's economy and culture – and make the state a powerful magnet pulling in entrepreneurs and 21st century energy visionaries from across America and around the world.

Renewable energy, coupled with storage, will make the California electric power sector a global leader in the world's race to a sustainable energy future

Experience Transformation

Join us for a day of exploration on how this will work and what it means to utilities and their many vendors, providers and customers.


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